Weight Loss Programs

Happy Woman cutting fruitAt Dietitians Weight Loss Center we take a comprehensive approach to treat obesity which offers the most hope for long term success. Successful weight loss and long term weight management integrates three essential components: nutrition, behavior, and exercise.

We offer a serious weight management program and understand there’s more to losing weight than just dieting. Our program starts with an comprehensive initial consultation (1 hour) with the Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) and is followed by weekly weigh-in and consultation visits (30 minutes).

The 4 Phases of Treatment

  1. Assessment:  You begin the program with a comprehensive interview to help personalize your plan, goals, and expectations.
  2. Active Weight Loss: You eat an individualized diet that may include OPTIFAST® meal replacements.
  3. Transition: Self Prepared foods are slowly reintroduced into your diet as you continue with lifestyle education.
  4. Long Term Management: Ongoing support and lifestyle education as needed for weight management.

The 3 Essential Components of Treatment


  • Starting with an Interview with the RDN to determine the appropriate protocol
  • Individualized Meal Plan to meet your specific needs
  • Controlled Calorie Level
  • Use of OPTIFAST Meal Replacement — shakes, soup, and bars
  • Weekly Follow up visits and Weigh-In with RDN
  • RDN Follow up with Smart Phone App, calls, text, and email


  • Identify and change problem behaviors with the Lifestyle Education Series Modules
    • Appetite Control
    • Stress Management
    • Getting Active
    • Smart Shopping
    • Planning Meals,
    • Cooking Quick & Lite,
    • Knowing Nutrients,
    • Achieving Balance,
    • Ongoing Weight Management,
    • Eating out,
    • Healthy Eating while Traveling.
  • One-on-one support to help you maintain a healthy weight through lifestyle changes.
  • Personalized support and advice.


  • Set goals and monitor  activity

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