Patient Information

Loving older couple in sweatersDietitians Weight Loss Center will work with you and your insurance company. Weight loss management is a central and important issue for your health. We congratulate you for recognizing, as we do, that weight management is a central and important medical issue.

  We accept cash, checks, Visa and Master Card.

  1. Patient can submit a “Superbill” to their insurance carrier for reimbursement
    Patients  to pay for office visits at the time of service will be provided a “superbill” to submit to their insurance carrier for reimbursement.
  2. Medical Spending Accounts and Employee Wellness Account
    Employees with medical spending accounts (MSA), set up through their employers, are able to request reimbursement for medical services from their tax-advantaged medical spending accounts. MSAs are an easy and effective way to meaningfully reduce your healthcare costs — allowing you to receive Dietitians Weight Loss Center’s low cost services using pre-tax dollars instead of after-tax dollars .

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